Porcelain Fused to Cad/Cam Restorations

There are  many benefits for  choosing our Porcelain fused to CAD/CAM milled Titanium restorations.

Here are the TOP 5 Reasons:

#1 Biocompatible... A benchmark for biocompatibility, Titanium is also classified as hypoallergenic. Titanium Alloy has been used for decades in both medical joint replacement & dental implant technology. With the application of same technique as our PFMs  we can achieve superior fit and esthetics of a high noble metal! You can prescribe the most advanced and biologically safe porcelain for crown and bridges

#2 Low Cost, Price Stable... . With PFT (Porcelain Fused to Titanium) Crowns and Bridges, including implants, dentalstudios can give you the esthetics of a high noble metal,

#3 X-Ray Image Radiolucent... Titanium is X-Ray radiolucent, allowing you to clearly see the pulp chamber under a cemented restoration. Without removing the fixed prosthesis. "Clearly", this cost and time-saving feature will be appreciated by both you and  the patient!

#4 Low Thermal Conductivity... Titanium also exhibits very low thermal conductivity, which prevents irritation to the pulp due to high/low temperatures in the patient's mouth

#5 Precision Milled High Strength... CUSTOM MILLED , NOT CAST, which may change the molecular structure) at our laboratory using the NobelProcera CAD/CAM technology. JADA Report on Titanium applications in that "many of titanium's physical and mechanical properties make it desirables a material for implants and prostheses. The strength and rigidity of titanium are comparable to those of other noble or high noble alloys commonly used in dentistry.


Dental Laboratory Titanium Framework (1)

Dental Laboratory Ceramic Fused to Titanium (2)