Cerec Connect

Direct communication with dentalstudios

The Sirona Connect software and the Sirona Connect portal simplify the cooperation between your dental practice and dentalstudios YORKVILLE BURLINGTON. Once registered, both sides communicate directly through the software. The data model is transferred within a few minutes and gives us at dentalstudios an exact picture of the case.

The direct transmission of model data within a few minutes allows us at                                         dentalstudios YORKVILLE BURLINGTON to look at the case almost simultaneously with your practice. Thus, a first consultation with dentalstudios YORKVILLE BURLINGTON can already be done while the patient is still in the treatment room. Another advantage over conventional impression methods.

Easy to use

Prepare, scan, send - the digital impression is so simple. It can be easily integrated into your existing treatment process. 

The workload in your practice is considerably simplified. With just a few scans, you can capture your preparation, neighboring teeth and antagonists. A half-jaw can be recorded in less than a minute. You can maintain a convenient treatment position the entire time. The 3D preview of the individual recordings also makes your work easier.

Please contact dentalstudios YORKVILLE BURLINGTON to book a Cerec Connect demonstration. 

Yorkville- 416-968-0001
Burlington- 905-632-0102