Composite Indirect Restorations

dentalstudios is pleased to showcase for indirect composite restorations, 3M Sinfony™ Indirect Lab Composite, which is a proven excellent material for inlays/onlays, veneers and full crowns. The composites have been proven in tests to be as strong or stronger than other popular brands and to possess inherent advantages in flexibility, impact strength, and color stability. These  composites are  the clear choice for Clinicians concerned with performance and aesthetics. Following the correct protocols for resins these composites are excellent for flawless blending and burnishing and result in strong, reinforced margins providing the polishability that has set these composite apart from all others such as :


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  • Exceptional polishability and esthetics
  • Long-term luster retention


dental laboratory composite indirect restorations (1)

  • Extremely low wear,
  • Increased bonding between layers