Diagnostic Wax-up


dentalstudios offers Diagnostic Wax-Ups which are one of the services we recommend the most before any restorative smile design cases are planned . This helps eliminate the guesswork in the patients' final results and is strongly recomended in treatment presentations to increase patient case acceptance and satisfaction.

Dental Studios offers fully functional diagnostic waxing, showing form contour and aesthetics. Various colours of waxes are available including full coloured wax-up.

Choice of wax:– Beige: Not aesthetic, but ideal for illustrating facial anatomy contour and function.

White/Translucent: Aesthetic, but not ideal for illustrating facial anatomy and contour.

Coloured: Aesthetically pleasing , ideal for illustrating facial anatomy, contour, function mammelon position, degree of translucency and shade selection.

Patients attending the dental laboratory for a consultation will approve a diagnostic waxup prior to treatment; in order to discuss and confirm the aesthetic appearance of the final restorations.