Digital Shade Taking

dentalstudios  now offers digital shade taking sytems in our offices. Both  electronic shade-guide systems "Vita Easyshade"  and "Chromatis" is designed to determine with precision, without any risk of error and in all situations, the colorimetric data of a tooth. Chromatis * runs smart cards to integrate all existing shade guides. Those are updated according to the latesst manufacturers' specifications. Photometric measures are taken in three points (body, incisal area, cervical area). For each point the machine makes 250 ccalculations. The results are clearly expressed. The need for an incisal and its value is specified. Information is instantly transmitted to Chromatis * LCD screen. The readings can also be printed or sent per e-mail via software, COLORLOG.

dentalstudios YORKVILLE . BURLINGTON utilizes the following shade taking systems:

- Vita Easyshade

- Chromatis