Photography is important in the documentation of the restoration process. Pictures are taken at different stages of the process to document progress. Also during treatment planning and shade matching pictures are taken to record the patients specific tooth shade. Micro details in colour, shape, design and contour are detrimental to the reliability of the pictures taken. In order to obtain minor details a sophisticated camera system is used.

Nikon 300s


Digital SLR 12.3 megapixel DX format CMOS image sensor with low noise, fast image processing. Dynamic Integrated Dust Reduction System (D lighting)-
(dental laboratory camera pictured above) 

Nikon 105mm AF Micro Lens

3D Metering/flash delivers the most detailed clear unobstructed images possible from a micro lens. The sophistication of this lens allows the photographer to capture every minor detail of the patients teeth.

Flash and Lighting System

Nikon SB .800 Speed light

Umbrella Lighting      

Flash and Lighting are beneficial to the photographer because shadows are minimized and light is focused on the projected image resulting in crystal clear images.
precise lighting in the dental laboratory allows for a clear concise library of images readily available to the Dentist upon request.


Both Toronto and Burlington locations are fully equiped with state of the art photopgraphy studios